About Us.

Architectural Studio Founded in 2010, led by a team of Architects creating and designing new identities that meets simplicity and cost efficient quality in a timely eco-friendly manner.

Our Background.

 Cornhole man braid put a bird on it fixie, locavore portland.


Delivering originality and international quality turn key projects that are responsive to client needs and the local environment.


Arculus team is committed to originality in design through creative functional solutions, ranging from low budget individual requirements to projects that are complex in terms of design and delivery, both on the same service level.

Our Speciality.

Architecture that is full of soul and emotions, deeply linked to culture and society, affects and is affected by nature and surrounding environment.



Residential and commercial Projects design from concept to full documentation including CAD drawings and Bidding documents.

We also offer furniture manufacturing with high-end durable materials.



Professional 3D cinematic movies, large cities scale to even small details in interiors for Marketing or other purposes.

Along with futuristic virtual reality drive and its fantastic impact on architecture, Arculus Studio brings you VR experience for Marketing or other purposes.



Exterior, interior and landscape projects execution process,  construction and shop drawing or verification and issuing required bidding documents, time schedule planning and implementation, items supply and installations , site progress reporting until finish and delivery.

Ayman Hassan



Interior Designer

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Web Designer

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During the last 10 years, Arculus Studio team helped tens of clients to reach their dream houses, offices and chalets. If you’re looking forward to figuring out how we can help you through this, just contact us & let’s talk.