Mr. Ali Emam Apartment – Nasr city

Client: Mr.Aly Emam

Date: 29 September 2017

Categories: Execution,interior.

The term ‘apartment’ refers to a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building, typically, on a single level. It is generally associated with North American real estate, although apartments have been common as far back as the Roman times. The term itself is thought to have originated in the mid-17th century, from the French word ‘appartement’ derived from the Italian ‘appartamento’ in turn derived from ‘appartare’, meaning ‘to separate’.

In North America, apartments are typically leased. Residential blocks in which the residentsown their accommodation are generally referred to as ‘condominiums’.

The term ‘apartment’ is sometimes considered to be synonymous with the term ‘flat’ commonly used in the UK. However, Approved document BFire SafetyVolume 1 Dwelling houses, defines a flat specifically as; ‘a separate and self-contained premises constructed or adapted for use for residential purposes and forming part of a building from some other part of which it is divided horizontally.’ and suggests that this ‘…includes live/work units, i.e. a flat intended to serve as a workplace for its occupants and for persons who do not live on the premises.’

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